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With You, Ready to Start Something New

We Treasure What’s Important to You Because You Are Important to Us

We love helping teens and young families like yours succeed and grow healthy. It’s why we provide services to address your current needs, including access to family planning, personalized care for new moms and dads, essential items for the baby, and programs to aid with education, job skills, and food security.

We Treasure What's Important to You

Genuine Care That’s Closer to You

Our doctors not only care about how you feel, but also about who you are. They will help you get the confidential tests, treatments, and/or meds you need today —and will be with you during the screenings and checkups you may need tomorrow.

A Helpful Guide for Your Journey

We Help You Reach Your Dreams

We’ll be there to hold you during the challenges and to celebrate your successes. Our case managers provide one-on-one career, pregnancy, and parenting counseling, so you can become a positive role model for your child and a successful student.

Our Youth Services Are Focused on You
Family Planning

Confidential, low cost or no cost birth control, and little extra support for moms-to-be and babies.

Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)

WIC is a special supplemental nutrition and breast-feeding advice program for woman, infants, and children.


With this program teen moms and parents can increase their food-buying power.


Designed for pregnant teens or parents under the age of 19 to help with childcare, transportation, and school expenses.

Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)

Connect with a case manager and receive ongoing support to thrive and meet your goals, together with your family.

Bridge Program

This ongoing education resource helps those who completed Cal-Learn and AFLP programs move their careers forward.

Youth Services Linkages to Care (YSLC)

The YSLC initiative provides one-on-one support to families as they navigate health care coverage, services, and eligibility.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

ACEs are traumas that can impact health and wellbeing. AltaMed - Youth Services provides case management to help children and families cope.

Certified Parenting Classes

Get prepared for parenthood with help from AltaMed - Youth Services. This 10-week course helps new parents build a healthy home.

Quality is at the core of all we do. Our medical practices use the latest in technology and innovation, and we’re committed to constantly improving. Accredited by the Joint Commission, we follow evidence-based guidelines and seek out the best practices to reduce costs and better serve you.