Policy & Advocacy

Advocating for Our Communities

We empower our patients and staff to fight for strong and healthy communities by conducting policy research, analyzing laws at the federal, state and local levels, and educating your community about the health policy issues and regulations that can affect you.

We also hold events and forums with elected officials to generate discussion and raise awareness about local health and social service needs. This way, we provide easy opportunities for you, patients, and youth to get involved and advocate for your community.

Become an AltaMed Health Advocate
As an AltaMed Health Advocate, you have the power to make a difference. Here’s how you could get involved:

  • Phone, fax, and email representatives about health care issues
  • Attend meetings and hearings to show support
  • Share your story and visit your representative
  • Encourage voter registration and participation

To find out more about what our Government Relations team does, call (323) 889-7327 or email us at advocacy@altamed.org. 

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