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A child receiving their vaccine

Protect Your Child with Safe, Effective Immunizations

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health, Senior Health, Women’s Health, Preventive Care

Treatment Options for COVID-19

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health
Tree Holiday

Stop the Spread of COVID-19 During the Holidays

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Here’s the Latest Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health
Mother and Kids Covid

How to Keep Your Child Safe from Covid-19

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health

Superior Safety: Why Experts Are Recommending N95 Masks

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health, Preventive Care, Senior Health, Women’s Health
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Stay on Guard as New Variant Cases Rise

Coronavirus, Kids & Family Health, Senior Health, Women’s Health, Senior Care
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Get Care from Home with AltaMed Telehealth Services

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Mental Health

Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy Through Trying Times

Coronavirus, Women’s Health
Pandemic Pregnancies

Pandemic Pregnancies: What You Need to Know

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Cold vs Flu

COVID-19, Flu, Allergies or a Cold? A Helpful Guide to Knowing the Difference

Doctor and Patient

Certain People with Weak Immune Systems Need a COVID-19 Booster