Health Plans Accepted

We accept most major health plans, including Medi-Cal and Medicare. If you need coverage, we can help you enroll you into a plan that is the right fit for your family and budget. 

Are you already covered? Below is a list of managed care health plans that we accept. Click on your health plan for more details:

Aetna Commercial

Anthem Blue Cross

  • Anthem Blue Cross Covered CA (HMO)
  • Anthem Blue Cross Commercial
  • Anthem Blue Cross POS
  • Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal
  • Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage

Blue Shield

  • Blue Shield Commercial
  • Blue Shield POS


  • Cal Optima Medi-Cal
  • Cal Optima One Care (Medicare Advantage)
  • CalOptima One CareConnect (Cal MediConnect)

Care 1st
Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan (formerly Care 1st)
Effective  January 1, 2019, Care 1st has changed its name to Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan. Members will receive new identification numbers and member ID cards.

  • Blue Shield Promise Advantage Optimum and Blue Shield Promise Coordinated Choice (formerly Care1st Medicare Advantage HMO)
  • Blue Shield Promise Total Duals (formerly Care1st Duals or Medi-Medi Plan)
  • Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal (formerly Care1st Medi-Cal Plan)
  • Blue Shield Promise Cal MediConnect Plan (formerly Care1st Cal MediConnect Plan)

Universal Care dba Brand New Day

  • Brand New Day Medicare Advantage/DSNP


  • SCAN Medicare Advantage/DSNP


  • Cigna Commercial
  • Cigna POS

Central Health Plan

  • Central Medicare Advantage/DSNP

Health Net

  • Health Net Covered CA (HMO/FFS)
  • Health Net Commercial
  • Health Net POS
  • Health Net Medi-Cal
  • Health Net Salud (HMO)
  • Health Net Cal MediConnect
  • Health Net Medicare Advantage

LA Care

  • LA Care Covered CA (HMO)
  • LA Care Medi-Cal
  • LA Care Cal MediConnect

Molina Healthcare

  • Molina Medi-Cal
  • Molina Medicare Advantage
  • Molina Cal MediConnect
  • Molina Covered CA (HMO)

United Healthcare

  • United Commercial
  • United Medicare Advantage
  • United PPO (FFS)

Last updated December 2018

To learn more about PPO plans accepted by AltaMed, contact our Member Services Department at (866) 880-7805.