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Take Charge of Your Well-Being with Health and Wellness Programs

Health care isn’t just for when you’re sick – it’s to keep you healthy, too. AltaMed offers our members a wide range of programs that can make it easier to live healthy, manage chronic conditions, lose weight, and achieve other important health goals. We use proven techniques to motivate you – and besides getting healthier, you may even make friends and have fun. 

Our Wellness Programs
STOMP - Family Health and Fitness Program

STOMP is Solutions & Treatment to Obesity Management and Prevention.

Diabetes Group Visits

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed, or you’ve had Type 2 diabetes for a while, learning how to successfully manage it can...

Diabetes Prevention Program

If you’ve been told you’re at risk for diabetes or prediabetes, staying healthy can start with a few lifestyle changes.

Healthy Heart Program

With in-person meetings, our goal is to encourage participants to live a heart-healthy lifestyle! Each week, we’ll focus on topics...

Dietitian Consultations

No matter your age, what you eat has a huge effect on your overall health. Healthy eating isn’t hard – especially when you...

Community Health Specialist Program

This six-month program helps those who have diabetes and may need extra help to manage their condition.

AltaMed PACE

AltaMed PACE is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. It was created for seniors who are managing multiple health conditions...

Our Community Programs
COVID-19 Support and Resources

Together with California HOPE, we offer free crisis counseling and resources to help people who are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Mobile Unit

We’re doing whatever it takes to bring good health to our communities – including delivering care and services to where they’re...

My Community, My Health Coalition

AltaMed is leading a systematic approach to target health disparities. Through the My Community, My Health Coalition we work...

Youth Community Action Program

AltaMed is helping to develop the community leaders of tomorrow. This program engages high-schoolers throughout Southeast...