Community Affairs

50 Years of Care That Goes Above and Beyond our Health Centers

We started as a free clinic in the heart of East Los Angeles, helping provide care where doctors were scarce. At that time, getting health care often meant traveling a long distance or waiting until the problem became critical and then seeking care.

Besides just providing care, we’ve introduced our communities to a more proactive approach that emphasizes health, wellness, and routine care as a way to stop many health issues from happening altogether. We’ve formed strategic partnerships with community leaders and outside organizations to develop and implement outreach efforts.

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AltaMed mobile screening truck

Mobile Screenings

AltaMed’s mobile clinic teams offer the essential services, vaccinations, and screenings our patients need, right where they need them. Our specialty units include women’s health, dental, and HIV/AIDS screenings, but we also schedule general health screenings in participating locations throughout the Southland.

Group of people sitting at long tables attending AltaMed gardening workshop

Community Classes & Workshops

Our Health Education and Wellness department offers a wide range of classes, in English and Spanish, to help patients take control of their health. From general health programming, such as fitness, diabetes prevention, and healthy eating—to more specialized workshops on prenatal care and youth employment, our nursing and education help members of the community develop skills that ultimately save and improve patient lives.

Fast Facts

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36 original art pieces celebrating of achievements of the PACE Program
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11 employees joined the first AltaMed Advocacy and Leadership Academy.
Delivering complete medical services across Southern California, since 1969.