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Stop the Spread of COVID-19 During the Holidays

Despite our progress, COVID-19 variants, and other infectious diseases like influenza, continue to emerge. That’s why it’s important to stay cautious during the holidays to keep from spreading COVID-19 and the flu to vulnerable family and community members.

It should be safer to spend time with loved ones this holiday season, especially if everyone is fully up-to-date with their vaccines. This means completing a primary COVID-19 vaccine series, getting eligible boosters, and the flu shot this fall. If you are current with your vaccines, you can resume normal activities more safely.

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Taking Precautions for Each Other

To provide additional protection against COVID-19, booster shots are now approved for fully-vaccinated individuals age five and older. It is still important to continue to follow the basic precautions of properly wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining physical distance. The best precaution for holiday gatherings is to limit them to only those who have been vaccinated.

This holiday season you can get everyone around the dinner table to celebrate a holiday meal more safely if they have been vaccinated. Eating outside and maintaining distance between guests is an added precaution to protect any guests who are not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are not up-to-date on their boosters and flu shots. If you can’t gather outdoors, try to create space between people while they are eating.

Also, ask family members to get the flu vaccine. The flu can be dangerous and can weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to COVID-19. Keep in mind that young children are more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses this year, so it’s really important for everyone to be vaccinated. Remind guests that it is okay to skip out on a holiday meal if they are not feeling well, and consider delivering their meal to them instead.

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Easy Ways to Make Gathering Safer

No matter how big or small your celebration is, here are some tips for protecting everyone's well-being:

  • Try to limit attendance to those who have been vaccinated.
  • Gather outside to limit the spread of the virus.
  • Don’t spend too much time in a confined space.
  • Wear a mask when not eating or drinking.
  • Try to maintain some distance or stay masked if not fully vaccinated.
  • Avoid setting up a buffet unless you know everyone is up-to-date with their vaccines and boosters.
  • Ask guests to self-test for COVID-19 prior to gathering in large groups.
  • Place hand sanitizing stations across your home to encourage good hand hygiene.
  • Improve air flow inside your home if you can’t gather outside. Point fans toward intake vents and open screened windows or doors to improve air flow.
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If You’re Traveling

Get vaccinated against COVID-19 and influenza, and carry face masks and hand sanitizer with you. If you travel by plane or bus, make sure to wear a well-fitting mask. Continue to wear a well-fitting mask when you are in crowded areas. If you book a hotel or Airbnb, make sure you trust the sanitizing procedures. Don’t feel awkward calling to ask about their cleaning policies or to find out the last time someone occupied the space you reserved and how that space was cleaned.

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Stop the Spread of COVID-19 During the Holidays