woman getting eye exam

Say Cheese! Retinal Eye Exams Are a Snap

Getting a retinal eye exam is as easy as posing for a photo, and for those with diabetes, it’s priceless to visual health. Instead of capturing a Kodak moment, a picture of the back of the eyes is taken so that doctors can look for any potential damage or disease caused by diabetes. If left unchecked, vision loss and blindness may occur.

Retinal eye exams should be performed once a year for all patients ages 18 to 75 who have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The test is simple, painless and takes less than 15 minutes. There are no side effects and eye dilation is not typically required. 

The best part is that the exam is available at six AltaMed locations:

  • Boyle Heights
  • Commerce
  • El Monte
  • Garden Grove
  • Pico Rivera, Slauson
  • Santa Ana, Bristol

Retinal exams are likely covered by your health insurance, but if they’re not, they only cost $17 at these locations. To set up an appointment or for more information, please call our Patient Contact Center at (888) 499-9303.