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Join Us to Get Out the Vote!

Election Day is right around the corner, and the stakes are high on issues that affect all of us. Help us protect health care access and other important social services for those who need them most! Between now and November 6, you can join in and make sure our community’s voice is heard.

From phone banking to going door to door to prepping campaign materials, there’s something for everybody to do. As a thank you to our dedicated volunteers, food and refreshments will be provided.

Remember, your passion can make a huge a difference in the lives and health of your family and our community.

Volunteer Hours Available

Phone Banking:

Thursday 4:00pm – 8:00pm (Commerce Campaign Office)

Canvassing (going door to door) in Los Angeles and Orange County:

Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm-7:00pm

Campaign Office Location:
5211 E Washington Blvd., Suite 15
Commerce, CA 90040

Please remember to wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

For more information contact Cynthia Romo at 323-201-9704 or

Can’t make it out to volunteer? Don’t forget to vote on November 6.

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Woman Voting With Sticker

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote!

NOTE: It’s so important to understand what you are voting about. AltaMed has guides with information about the propositions on the upcoming ballot here and here. Voting is already underway, so read up, take notes, and be sure to vote early.

This year’s election goes beyond who will be president. Your vote is your voice n issues affecting housing, education, employment and healthcare.

Help make a difference in your community during this general election and join us in “My Vote, My Health” initiative. Have you registered to vote?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get registered and vote:

1. Elections have consequences.

Kids Voting

You have the power to decide on the quality of life you want for yourself and future generations. Voting is your chance to stand up for the issues you care about like public transportation, raising minimum wage, or funding local schools. This is your life: take the time to help decide what’s best.

2. Not voting is giving up your voice.

Voters Exerting

Elections are decided by the people who go out and vote. Take some time and learn about the measures and the candidates. If you don’t vote, someone else will make the decision for you. Your power is in your vote.

3. It's your money.

Tax Time Note

You pay taxes, but do you know how that money is being used? Most people don’t. Voting is your chance to choose how your tax dollars are spent – such as funding for health care and social services.

4. Voting is an opportunity for change.

Ballot Paper

Do you want to make a positive impact? Voting gives you that chance! Support the candidates and ballot measures that can help your community, state, and even the nation for the greater good. Make your voice heard in these elections.

5. The community depends on you!

Kids Promoting Vote

Our communities are made up of friends, loved ones, neighbors, and children. Some may not know how important voting is, while others don’t have the privilege. Make the decision to vote for yourself and those around you.

Make sure your voice is heard – vote!


Make Your Voice Heard & Help AltaMed Make a Difference

This November 6, California will vote on major issues that will affect our state and everyone who lives here for years to come.

Some of the propositions on the ballot include measures related to:

  • Affordable housing and controlling the costs of rentals (Propositions 1 & 10)
  • Permanent supportive housing that could help reduce homelessness (Proposition 2)
  • Building and expanding hospitals that provide care for low-income children (Proposition 4)
  • There’s even a measure on the ballot that has an impact on the food we eat (Proposition 12).

All of us at AltaMed encourage you to learn more about the issues and vote. Your choices will have direct impact on California’s health care and social services. Whether you were born here or have taken another path to citizenship, voting is a privilege that gives you an active role in creating a better life for yourself and your community.

Volunteer to Make a Difference

Voting is a good start: It only takes a few votes to change the outcome of an election. In addition to getting registered and casting your vote, you can get your friends, neighbors and the entire community activated. We need volunteers to help us spread the word. Now until Election Day, we’re making phone calls and going door to door to share educational materials to remind our communities to vote on November 6th. All you have to do to make a difference is put on your walking shoes and join us for a few hours!

Our campaign office is located at
5211 E. Washington Blvd., Suite 15
Commerce, CA 90040

Volunteer opportunities available:

Thursdays: Phone Banking 4pm – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Canvassing:
Saturday, 10am – 2pm
Sunday, 3pm – 7pm

Food will be provided for all volunteers.

To learn more, contact Cynthia Romo at 323-201-9704 or

Join Us to Get Out the Vote!