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Healthy Summer Habits

Summer is here! Have fun in the sun while keeping your health in mind. Here are a few habits you can adopt to stay healthy this season.

Drink water. This is key to preventing heat exhaustion, heat strokes and other complications. Steer clear from drinks high in sugar and calories such as juice and soda. Instead, reach for a cup of cool water several times a day. You can always add a hint of lemon, lime, or cucumber to switch it up.

Eat light. A light diet will help you stay hydrated and lean this summer. Reach for fruits and vegetables that are in season and pair them with lean meats. Produce that is in season tastes even better and can easily be found at a local farmer’s market. Chop your favorite fruit into your salad or snack on produce high in water content. Get creative with smoothies to keep cool and fueled all summer long.

Stay active! Turn fun outdoor activities into an exercise routine. There is no better time of year to ride your bike, go for a swim, hike, or simply play outdoors. The more you play this summer, the more your body is able to burn calories and build muscle. Find an activity you enjoy, and schedule time to do it a few times a week.

Protect your skin. Sitting outside is a great way to get vitamin D but there are many dangers when skin gets overexposed to the sun’s UV rays. In order to prevent this, apply sunscreen on your skin, protect your eyes with sunglasses, stay in the shade, and wear light clothing that covers your skin.

Grow healthy this summer, from the inside out!

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Healthy Summer Habits