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AltaMed was established in 1969 – in a much different form than what you know today.

AltaMed President and CEO Cástulo de la Rocha remembered seeing the only health clinic in his neighborhood with lines around the block and knew there had to be a better way for people to get the care they need. And from humble beginnings as the East LA Barrio Free Clinic, AltaMed has continued to grow, adding more coverage and services to serve more people.

Even though we’ve grown from one location to more than 30 health centers throughout Southern California, and have a large network that includes top doctors, some things haven’t changed. We’re still committed to bringing personal, modern care to members of communities that previously haven’t had many options for health services. We staff our facilities with compassionate doctors and staff who speak your language and understand your culture. And we believe that for communities to grow healthy, we need to advocate for services and resources beyond health care.

Take a look at some of our core services, then call and make an appointment at (888) 499-9303.

Primary Care

Female Doctor and Nurse Talking

Seeing a primary care physician is the first step of your journey to good health. Go to your primary care doctor for routine health screenings and immunizations. And, if you think you may be sick or something is wrong, they can help you get the care you need, even if they have to refer you to a specialist.

We want you to feel comfortable seeing your primary care doctor, which is why we have bilingual doctors and staff. With our doctor finder tool, you can even search for a doctor based on their gender and location. We want nothing to come between you and the care you need.

Women’s Health Care

Doctor and Nurse Talking to a Senior Woman

Women have unique health care needs. For a variety of reasons, they are also more likely to suffer heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, and even some mental health conditions. That’s why they need doctors who understand what it takes to keep them mentally and physically healthy – like the caring doctors who are part of AltaMed Women’s Health Services.

We offer care and services for every stage of a women’s life, including mammograms, family planning, reproductive health, and more. Make an appointment today to learn about age-appropriate screenings – they could save your life!


Pediatrician Checking a Girl’s Hear

Your kids depend on you to keep them healthy, and you can depend on AltaMed. Bring your child to see our pediatricians for routine visits. We also offer immunizations that may be available to you and your child for free.

Behavioral Services

Psychologist in a Consultation With an Senior Man

Life has its ups and downs, and it’s normal to feel sad or anxious once in a while. But if you frequently feel depressed, angry, or like you need to drink or take drugs to cope, it’s time to see a professional. Our compassionate Behavioral Health team can make sure you get the treatment you need. It’s completely confidential, and we can help you get on the road to feeling like yourself again.

AltaMed PACE

Senior People in Pace Dining Room

As we age, it’s normal to need a little extra care. For seniors with complex medical needs who aren’t ready for assisted living, AltaMed PACE can help keep them healthy and independent at home. AltaMed PACE is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, and it includes coordinated medical care, social services, transportation, and meals, all in a friendly neighborhood setting that seniors (and caregivers) love. Some seniors may even qualify for more assistance at home. AltaMed PACE may be covered at 100% for Medicare-eligible seniors. Contact us to learn more (877) 499-9303.

Dental Services

Woman at Dentistry Room

We want to help you keep your teeth healthy and bright for life! That means starting early and getting regular checkups, X-rays, and cleanings.

Bring your entire family to AltaMed for dental services. Kids should start seeing the dentist within six months of developing their first tooth. By visiting the dentist twice a year, as recommended by the American Dental Association, you may be able to keep your teeth for your whole life! Other services include fillings, root canals, crowns, and emergency dentistry.

HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention

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There are more ways than ever to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS. But that doesn’t mean we can give up the fight! We’re dedicated to providing the resources our members need to protect their status and stay healthy, including rapid testing, prevention, and educational services.

For those who are HIV positive, we take a whole-person approach to care. We support our members and their loved ones with a full range of services, such as pharmacy, primary care, behavioral health, and care management.

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There’s so much we can do to help you grow healthy – and it all starts with an appointment. We accept many different health plans, including Medicare, Medi-cal, and many commercial plans. If you’d like to learn more about your health plan options, we can help with that, too. We look forward to seeing you and helping you live a long, healthy life.

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Your 2019-2020 Open Enrollment FAQ

We’re dedicated to helping everyone get the care they need to grow healthy—and that means empowering you to make the best decisions about you and your family’s health care needs.

This open enrollment FAQ can help you better understand your choices. If you need additional information, we’re here to help, and we can walk you through your options for free.

Get help in English: 833-444-5560
Get help in Spanish: 833-444-5570

Q: What is Open Enrollment?

Senior Looking Documents

A: Open Enrollment is the period when you can make decisions about your health care and your insurance coverage for the next calendar year. You can choose to stay with your current plan or select a new plan that works better for your budget or your health needs.

The plan you pick can affect:

  • The price of your premiums, or the amount you pay every month for your plan
  • Which doctors and hospitals you can visit
  • How much you pay for office visits, prescriptions, and other services
  • How much you will have to pay out of your own pocket for the entire year
  • If you can get certain kinds of care (for example, dental or optometry visits)

Q: When is Open Enrollment?

Medical Calendar

A: It depends on what kind of insurance or medical coverage you have. If you get your benefits through Medicare, your Open Enrollment period runs from October 15 to December 7. If you get your care through Covered California, your Open Enrollment period runs from October 15 to January 31.

Q: If I’m Offered Coverage at My Job, Should I Take It?

Form to Complete the Information

A: Many people believe that if your job offers you an insurance plan, you should take it. That’s not always your best move. Even if your employer pays for part of your plan, it can still be expensive and not offer you the right kind of coverage.

Our advice is to research available plans. Depending on how much you make, you may still be eligible for coverage through Medi-Cal. You may also qualify for discounts through the Covered California marketplace. Just because your employer selected it doesn’t mean it’s the best plan for you.

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Choose?


A: If you’re covered through Medicare, you will likely continue with the same plan you were already on. If you are on a plan through Covered California or your employer, and your plan goes away, you will automatically get assigned to a plan that offers similar coverage at a similar price.

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Have Coverage and Miss the Deadline?

Person Making a List

A: If you are at a job that offers coverage but miss the deadline, you won’t be able to enroll until the following year unless you have what’s called a Qualifying Life Event (see below). You may be able to get a short-term plan, or you may be eligible for Medi-Cal or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The same is true for Covered California. If you miss your deadline to sign up for Medicare, you can enroll during the General Enrollment Period that runs from January 1 to March 31 every year. Unfortunately, your coverage won’t start until July 1.

Q: What’s a Qualifying Life Event?

Relieved Patient

A: Most people need to pick their insurance plan during Open Enrollment. However, if you experience certain events (called a Qualifying Life Event, or QLE) you may be able to change, cancel, or enroll in new coverage.

QLEs include:

  • Getting married
  • Having baby
  • Losing a job or experiencing a change to your income that affects your eligibility for certain plans
  • A death in the family
  • Moving to a different ZIP code
  • Becoming a U.S. citizen

Q: How Can I Save Money on Coverage?

Stethoscope on Money

A: If you are purchasing a plan through Covered California, make sure you apply for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions that can reduce the amount you will have to pay.

Some health insurance plans provide discounts based on your health and activities – for example, if you maintain a healthy weight, enroll in an exercise program, or participate in other activities the company requests.

If your plan doesn’t offer those discounts, there are many ways to save money on your health expenses:

  • Choose in-network doctors
  • Only visit the emergency room for true emergencies
  • Take advantage of covered health screenings: you may qualify to get preventive cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, HIV and STI tests, and many others at no cost
  • If you are given a prescription, ask if a generic version is available
AltaMed App in Cellphone

Learn more about getting the most out of your coverage, no matter what plan you’re on. And don’t forget, we’re here for you. Call us with your questions about selecting coverage that can help your whole family grow healthy – in 2020 and for years to come.

Get help in English: 833-444-5560
Get help in Spanish: 833-444-5570

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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Health Costs

If you’re like most New Year’s Resolution makers, you’re probably thinking about a resolution related to your health or your wallet. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered! This list is filled with tips that can help you get the most out of your health care, which can help you save money and grow healthy.

Choose Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs

Even if you have insurance, prescriptions can be expensive. You may be able to save by asking your doctor and pharmacist if there’s a generic option available. Generic drugs are identical to the ‘brand name’ version in every way, including dosage form, safety, strength, how you take it, quality, and performance. They are reviewed, monitored, and regulated by the same organization that oversees the name brands. The only difference is that generic drugs are usually 80% to 85% less than brand name drugs.

Check if Your Health Plan Offers Mail-Order Pharmacy

Medicine Container in an Envelope

Many insurance companies offer a mail-order pharmacy program that allows you to pay for up to 90 days’ worth of medication for just the price of a single copay. You’ll also save time and gas money by having your medications delivered right to your house.

Talk to Your Doctor About Freebies

Female Doctor Advising Patient

If money is an issue and paying for medication is leaving your budget thin, talk to your doctor. Ask if there are free samples of your medication. Many drug manufacturers offer programs to help patients save money on their prescriptions. Ask your doctor if their staff can help you find out if you’re eligible for any.

Don’t Go to an Emergency Room Unless It’s a True Emergency

Emergency Room Signaling

It’s 2 in the morning, and your five-year-old daughter wakes up with an earache and a fever. You worry and decide that it’s too important to wait, so you go to the emergency room. You spend three hours waiting to see a doctor who prescribes children’s aspirin. Six weeks later, you get a bill for $1,300 – and that’s after your insurance paid. If you had waited to go to your normal doctor, your bill might have been $50.

Emergency room visits can be very expensive. They are for emergencies only: when there is a threat to life or limb. For everything else, your normal primary care doctor or even urgent care is a much cheaper alternative.

See Your Doctor Regularly

The best way to stay healthy is to see your doctor regularly for age-appropriate screenings and preventative care. Your doctor may find conditions early while they can still be treated more easily – for example, if a regular checkup reveals a patient has prediabetes, a condition that can be successfully managed with a few lifestyle changes. In many cases, if not caught early, prediabetes can worsen and become diabetes, a serious and often costly disease to treat.

If You’re on a Health Plan, Make Sure You See In-Network Doctors

Man Paying for His Health Bills

When making an appointment, check that your doctor is in your health plan’s network, even if you’ve visited them before. Some plans will only cover your visit if you see a doctor in the network, so you can save hundreds of dollars by making sure. Your membership ID card should have instructions for how to check.

Take Advantage of Covered Screenings

Under the Affordable Care Act, plans purchased in the marketplace and many other plans must cover a variety of services, tests, visits, and immunizations, all at no cost to you. Some of those services include:

  • Flu shots
  • Diet counseling for adults at higher risk of chronic disease
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Breast cancer screening mammograms for women over 40
  • Tobacco use screening and cessation programs

If You Have Private Insurance, Find Out About Wellness Programs

Woman Showing Running App

Many large health insurance companies offer members free wellness programs and services to help achieve common health goals, such as healthy eating, weight loss, stress management, and even discounts on over-the-counter drugs. Some insurers even offer members a discount for enrolling in wellness programs and tracking their progress. To find out if your plan has these programs, visit your insurance’s website, or call the number on the back of your membership ID card to learn more.

You Don’t Need a Gym to Get Fit

Woman Running at the Beach

If you’re looking to lose weight or tone up, skip the expensive gym membership and instead, work out with things you probably already have at home. Thanks to Southern California’s amazing weather, there are a variety of year-round outdoor exercises that can help you stay in shape.

We Are Here to Help

AltaMed building

If you don’t currently have a health plan and have questions, AltaMed is here to help! Call us so we can walk you through your options for free.

If you have questions or concerns about your health, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. We want you to make regular doctor visits a habit, and there are many convenient AltaMed locations for you to choose from.

Grow Healthy with Complete Care from AltaMed