Father's Day

Celebrate the Man, the Myth, the Legend—Your Dad!

The best things in life truly are free, which is why the love, time and care fathers give their children is one of the most priceless gifts in the world. In some cases, it may not be you’re actual dad, but someone who has supported you or has been a father figure. Here at AltaMed, we think it’s awesome that an entire day is dedicated to celebrating the sacrifices and accomplishments of rad dads around the country.

There’s no better way to show just how much you appreciate everything he does than spending Father’s Day (June 17) thanking him for being the world’s best dad. Here are some creative ways to show your pops he’s tops.

  • Declare Sunday No Stress Day. Make sure Dad is relieved of any regular responsibilities, chores or pressure, and is free to choose his own adventure, be it watching football, going fishing or taking a nap. You could go above and beyond, and make an IOU book with coupons that he can cash in at a later date for doing the dishes, mowing the lawn and washing the car.
  • Make it a Family Fun Day. Dads around the world agree that spending time with their families is their favorite thing to do. So take a picnic, go on a hike, get tickets to a baseball game or movie, or start a fun creative project together – whatever your father’s interests, bring the whole family together to enjoy his favorite pastime.
  • Celebrate with a Day of Thanks. There’s more than one way to say thank you –start his morning with a colorful banner that he’ll see as soon as he wakes up. Beyond writing a heartfelt message in either a homemade or purchased card, consider creating a video with family and friends in which you all share your best dad stories.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about how much money you spend, it’s about honoring one of the most important people in your life. So don’t worry about finding some perfect gift –you already have everything you need to make the day full of love and appreciation for your dad. By reliving and creating new memories, it’s sure to be a Father’s Day for the books, and one he won’t ever forget.

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Celebrate the Man, the Myth, the Legend—Your Dad!