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Local Health Centers are the Chemistry for Strong Communities

We have grown together during more than five decades. We have made it our mission to eliminate health disparities in our communities, with personalized, culturally inclusive care and support.

We celebrate our role in the community every August during National Health Center Week.

But unlike previous years where the focus has been on celebration, we’re also being more reflective. We have always served as a place of strength, care, hope, and service for our community. In the time of COVID, we’ve worked to find innovative ways to provide preventive and primary care to our patients, all while keeping you safe.

Despite that, we’ve lost beloved patients, staff, and front-line providers. In addition to special programming during the week of Aug. 6, we will commemorate those lives and ask you help us shine a light on the work we do.

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Focus Days

This year, we celebrate the role we play in strengthening our communities during National Health Center Week. Every day from Aug. 6 – 12, there will be an area of emphasis:

AltaMed Is Here for You

We bring you convenient, culturally sensitive care. But to help our communities grow healthy, we help with equitable access to schools, good jobs, healthful foods, essential services, and elected officials who reflect and respect the people they serve.

It takes a community, and we’re your community health center. We’re committed to educating, engaging, and mobilizing our members, our staff, our partners, and our leaders. Learn more about our ongoing efforts and initiatives.

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Local Health Centers are the Chemistry for Strong Communities