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Healthy Eating and Exercise

Help for Eating Healthy Around the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, tempting foods start making their appearance. There are tamales, turkey, ham, and the traditional seasonal goodies we love so much.

Making it harder is the fact that it goes on for weeks. Maintaining healthy eating habits are difficult enough. Now everyone is telling you, “C’mon. It’s just for the holidays.” So before you fill up a plate, consider making a gameplan that will help you feel good long after the decorations come down.

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Everything In Moderation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some recommendations for not letting the seasonal excitement get the best of you. It all boils down to maintaining healthy eating habits.

  • If you eat foods that are high in calories, saturated fat, or added sugars, choose small portions, and only eat them occasionally over the holidays.
  • Start with a portion of your favorite fruits and vegetables first, then add small amounts of less healthy items.
  • Bring your favorite healthy dish to a party or gathering. That way you have at least one healthy item you can enjoy.
  • Make healthier versions of your traditional recipes by using ingredients with less fat and salt.
  • Add salsa or black bean sauce to spice up baked fish or poultry.
  • Consider beans in place of higher-fat meats.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol since those calories add up fast. The average beer has 140 calories, and a five-ounce glass of wine has 100 calories. Too many alcoholic beverages can also lower your instincts and make you likely to snack. Stick to one or two drinks or offer to be the designated driver, so you won’t feel inclined to drink all your calories.
  • Slow down and savor the flavor. Put your fork down while chewing and drink some water between each bite. This will give your body enough time to alert your brain that you’re getting full.
  • Use technology to count calories, track your intake, and even provide guidance on healthy food choices. There are several smartphone apps that can help you manage your diet through the holiday season.
  • Pay attention. Don’t eat while distracted with a game or TV show. It’s likely you will lose track of how much you’ve consumed.

Dietary Consulting Available

You spent a lifetime developing your current eating habits. It will take a while to build some healthier ones. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up over what you consume.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be hard – especially when you have someone to empower you to make good decisions and teach you how healthy food can be delicious. Our registered dietitians provide individually tailored nutrition plans to members of every age.

Patients with the following are encouraged to see a dietitian: diabetes, heart-related conditions, those considering bariatric surgery, pregnancy, gastrointestinal-related conditions, and patients with any other nutrition-related condition.

This program is available to all AltaMed patients at no cost. Ask your doctor for a referral or call (888) 499-9303 to enroll.

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Help for Eating Healthy Around the Holidays