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Enrollment Event at AltaMed

We started as a free Barrio Clinic in the heart of East Los Angeles, helping provide care where doctors were scarce. At that time, getting health care meant travelling a ways out of the community or getting care at a local hospital once the problem got worse. We have grown since 1969 to your community health network providing health care to nearly 300,000 people. Sometimes just a walk away and always in the community, you can see your provider locally and grow a healthier you.

But we have not done it alone. Partnering with the community, elected officials, schools, and more, we have been able to expand programs and services to really grow healthier communities. Health is not just one thing and we now have programs that range from health screenings to diabetes prevention classes to youth employment workshops. We care about the community because we are the community.

Have you been really thirsty lately? Have blurred vision? Nearly half of Californians have prediabetes and don’t even know it. Check out our Health & Wellness blog to know the signs!  

We’ve been serving families and communities of Los Angeles and Orange counties for years.  For more information on how you and your family can access quality care, call (877) 462-2582.

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