AltaMed Foundation

AltaMed Foundation

Giving Back to the Community Where It All Started

Established in 1987, the AltaMed Foundation serves as the volunteer leadership body for AltaMed’s fundraising efforts. The Foundation supports the strategic plan of AltaMed Health Services Corporation, in its mission to increase access to comprehensive health and human services and reduce health care disparities in communities across Southern California.

The Foundation is committed to maximizing the impact of philanthropic investments it receives through education, community programs and services that proactively address the social determinants of health.

The AltaMed Foundation is embarking on our 5-year H.E.L.P. (Health, Equity, Life and Programs) Campaign. This unprecedented effort will raise endowment and operating funds to uplift our communities. The H.E.L.P. Campaign will strengthen prevention and early intervention, create more fair environments in which our patients live, help families avoid crises, and find innovative solutions.

HEALTH: We keep families healthy and happy through primary care, such as restoring and improving rates of basic screenings and chronic disease management, and helping women and children thrive.

EQUITY: Achieving good health goes beyond the care our patients receive in our clinics. When patients are supported by doctors and nurses who understand them, as well as have access to healthy food, a roof over their heads, a living wage, and a place to turn to when in need, they and their communities flourish.

LIFE: We provide micro-grants directly to patients so they can avoid eviction, pay an overdue gas bill, or buy much-needed groceries. With these gifts, patients continue to work, go to school, care for their loved ones, and maintain their health.

PROGRAMS: We champion innovative and successful programs that make a lasting impact on our patients inside and outside of our clinics. With the help of philanthropic partners, new and expanded initiatives can respond to the evolving needs of our patients.

There are many ways to contribute through events, individual or planned giving programs. Please take a moment to visit our site and find out how you can start helping today.

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