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AltaMed’s PACE Changes Lives for the Better

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, was established by Medicare to help independent seniors with complex medical needs. The program helps participants avoid nursing homes and instead, receive the care and services necessary to help them stay safe, comfortable, and healthy living in their own home.

PACE offers care coordination, transportation, social services, and meals, all in a positive, comfortable environment. It’s health care that puts the focus on ‘care,’ connecting seniors with peers in their community as well as the PACE staff who are committed to treating participants with dignity, respect, and compassion.

PACE Mobile Unit

A Track Record of Success

PACE has been a cornerstone of AltaMed’s success since 1996. In fact, AltaMed was California’s first licensed and accredited PACE program. AltaMed’s PACE program has grown to 8 centers, serving over 2,500 seniors every year.


Who’s Eligible for PACE

PACE is for independent seniors (55+) who may need assistance in performing activities of daily living but can still live in their homes and navigate their communities with the help of PACE services. Medicare-eligible seniors who live in the PACE service area are encouraged to apply.

Everything, All in One Place

Our Facilities Icon
Our Facilities

With clean, modern facilities, no wonder so many seniors say PACE is their “home away from home”.

A Team Approach Icon
A Team Approach

At home, you’ve got your family. Here, you’ve got a dedicated team, with each person playing an important role.

Transportation Icon

Our PACE vans provide comfortable transport for participants and make life easier for caregivers, too.

Health Services Icon
Health Services

Going from doctor to doctor can be exhausting and take all day. That’s why many PACE services are under one roof.

Physical & Occupational Therapy Icon
Physical & Occupational Therapy

With therapy comes the strength and confidence needed for seniors to stay happy and independent.

Pharmacy Icon

All PACE locations provide you with the medications you need to maintain your health.

Home Health Care Icon
Home Health Care

Some seniors need a little extra help. PACE provides in-home visits so they can stay safe and happy at home.

Social Services Icon
Social Services

PACE participants have access to a social worker who can help them find and apply for additional resources.

Activities Icon

It’s a fact: being happy makes you healthier! PACE offers fun activities and the opportunity to make friends.

Meals and Nutrition Counseling Icon
Meals and Nutrition Counseling

With delicious meals for participants and advice on choosing the right foods at home, PACE helps seniors eat healthy.

Special Notice:
AltaMed PACE participants must receive all needed healthcare services (other than emergency services) from AltaMed PACE; or from an entity, person or company authorized by AltaMed PACE. AltaMed PACE participants may be fully and personally liable for the costs of unauthorized or out-of-network services.
Notice of Transportation Reasonable Modification

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