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For many Huntington Beach residents, lack of insurance prevents them from receiving the medical care they so desperately need. AltaMed has made a promise to provide quality health care to those patients without insurance, regardless of their ability to pay. There are thousands of uninsured in Huntington Beach, many of whom are children. Providing them access to medical care is not only the responsible thing to do; it keeps our workforce healthy and strengthens our communities. When you support AltaMed’s Uninsured Services Program, you are helping friends, neighbors and others in the Huntington Beach community who may not receive the health care they need without your assistance. 

Sara Hansen, Chair, Keep The Promise Huntington Beach


  • 84% of uninsured families in Orange County have one or more working adults (AltaMed OC Needs Assessment 2009).
  • 29% of Huntington Beach’s uninsured are 25 or younger (AltaMed Medical Informatics 2012).
  • Children in Orange County without insurance are 9 times more likely to be hospitalized for a preventable condition (Health Funders Partnership of Orange County 2010).
  • 75% of the uninsured in Huntington Beach are near or below the poverty line (AltaMed Medical Informatics 2012).
  • The cost per year of uninsured visits at the Huntington Beach Health Center is $2,922,167 (AltaMed Medical Informatics 2012).

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, the care AltaMed provides includes a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Given the potential costs of a person living without care, this represents a small yet significant investment. As the need continues to increase every year, our capacity becomes more limited. Please join the Campaign today! Together, we can show our commitment to more individuals and families in the Huntington Beach community who need our help.

For information on how you can support AltaMed’s Keep the Promise Uninsured Services Program in Huntington Beach, please contact Michele Warner, Development Officer, at 714-916-1148 or mwarner@oc.AltaMed.org. Thank you in advance for your support of our uninsured.

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