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AltaMed’s Teen Rescue Programs provide our youth with the social support they need to empower themselves and to make intelligent decisions that affect their personal outcomes. Our work with these young adults encourages them to engage in healthy relationships, both physically and emotionally, often times ending a destructive cycle that has lasted generations. Our Teen Rescue model is working, yet we are limited by the amount we can serve. With your help, we will teach these vital yet elusive skills to more at-risk youth in Huntington Beach. As Huntington Beach residents, we all benefit from a strong community.

 Sara Hansen, Chair, Keep the Promise Huntington Beach

Every year, AltaMed intervenes on behalf of thousands of teenagers in Huntington Beach through its comprehensive Teen Rescue programs designed to impact teens and to change the course of their lives. Some of the programs that help encourage our youth are:

 Teen Clinic

By providing abstinence and prevention focused education at our sites and in the schools in the Huntington Beach community, AltaMed’s Teen Clinic empowers youth to take control of their reproductive health through positive decision-making skills and, in doing so, cultivates future leaders and mentors for other at-risk youth. Not only that, teens at the clinic are provided with a safe environment where they feel comfortable sharing their stories while receiving the guidance they need to realize the options available to them.

Youth Employment Program

A 120-hour paid summer internship, AltaMed’s Youth Employment Program offers structured work opportunities at AltaMed’s various sites while emphasizing real-world labor expectations. The key purpose of this program is to provide young adults with opportunities for career instruction, financial literacy training, and social growth. A true educational experience, participants learn how to create an effective resume, how to dress for an interview, how to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and how to make the most of their translatable skills. AltaMed’s Youth Employment Program provides participants with the commitment, skills and attitude necessary to succeed in today’s world of work.

With the help of AltaMed’s Teen Rescue programs, thousands of teen participants have graduated high school, gained job/life skills, avoided risky behaviors, and most of all—believed in themselves!

Please join the campaign today! Contributions from private organizations and concerned individuals like you will help us expand our Teen Clinic and Summer Youth Employment programs further in Huntington Beach.

For more detailed information on how you can support AltaMed’s Keep The Promise Teen Rescue programs in Huntington Beach, please contact Michele Warner, Development Officer, at 714-916-1148 or mwarner@oc.AltaMed.org. Thank you!

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