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AltaMed’s Youth Services Programs

AltaMed’s youth programs provide teens with health information and education with the goal of decreasing the number of teenage pregnancies and improving health outcomes. Our programs are designed to help teen mothers and their partners understand the health, social and economic challenges of having a child at a young age. In addition to health education, we provide parenting education and support for continued educational advancement.

Cal Learn Program

AltaMed’s Cal Learn Program enhances the health, educational achievement, economic, personal and societal integration and independence of pregnant and parenting adolescents. The program reduces welfare dependency by encouraging and assisting pregnant or parenting adolescents in staying in or returning to high school to complete graduation requirements.

ALFP Program

AltaMed’s Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) enhances the health, educational achievement, economic, personal, and societal integration and independence of pregnant and parenting adolescents.

Escalera Program

AltaMed’s Escalera Program enables at-risk high school students to graduate, plan their future, and place higher education within reach. The program supports students in achieving personal, academic and professional success.

Project Futuro

Project Futuro is a teen pregnancy prevention program that focuses on empowering youth to take control of their sexual health through positive decision-making skills. The program provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to participate in classes designed to promote teen sexual health awareness and enhance communication skills.

AltaMed’s Youth Services Programs offer the following services:

  • Personalized case management
  • Court certified parenting classes
  • On-site child care and child care referrals
  • Medical assistance and referrals
  • Career counseling and job placement
  • On-site GED classes
  • On-site teen cooking classes and health fairs run by AltaMed’s Promotoras De Salud
  • Teen clinics offering birth control methods, pregnancy tests, STD/STI testing and support groups
  • Substance abuse prevention groups
  • Mental health and depression support groups run by our Promotoras De Salud
  • “Cuidemos Nuestra Salud” Nutrition Groups run by our Promotoras De Salud
  • College visits and field trips
  • Student internships
  • Food distribution provided by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
  • College enrollment classes including support for completion of FAFSA and college applications


AltaMed Youth Center and Medical Management – Indiana
512 South Indiana St., Los Angeles, CA 90063

AltaMed Youth Services – Long Beach
711 East Wardlow Road, Suite 203, Long Beach, CA 90807

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