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Chronic Care Support

AltaMed is committed to caring for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. AltaMed’s chronic care support model is patient-centered and focused around the specific needs, concerns and life circumstances of our patients. We provide proactive programs focused on managing patients’ chronic diseases and maintaining their health.

AltaMed’s primary care physicians are supported by a team of health care professionals including specialists, health educators, community health workers, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, and other AltaMed team members.

AltaMed’s chronic care support team works to:

  • Empower patients and their caregivers to manage their health through one-on-one as well as group-based education

  • Provide care that has been proven effective, engaging health care specialists and providers wherever necessary

  • Coordinate needed care in a timely manner

  • Offer support individuals that have been successfully trained the opportunity to manage their patient's chronic condition by incorporating them as part of the AltaMed chronic care support team

  • Advocate for patients and collaborate with community-based organizations to support the needs of patients

  • Track patient history, care plans, progress and other important dimensions of care via electronic health records

  • Offer Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) center services, as appropriate, to patients that require a higher level of care due to the frailty of their health and limitations to activities of daily living

  • Offer access to all-inclusive care in one location for patients that require a considerably higher level of care

  • Offer care in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner

For more information about AltaMed’s Chronic Care Support Services, please call us today at 323-278-4207 or 323-278-4283.

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