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Quality Promise: Policies and Procedures

At AltaMed, we pledge to serve you. Each thing we do is designed to make sure that all covered care needed for good health is on hand and easy to reach for all patients, no matter what race, color, background, national origin, religion, one's sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, mental or physical handicap or health issue, or if they can pay for care.  Also, all care, information and explanations about your health care will be given in a way that you can understand.

We offer:

  1. Personal Provider
    Each patient has an ongoing bond with a Primary Care Provider or Doctor trained to give continuous, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive care.

  2. Physician Led
    The Primary Care Physician leads a team of people who work with you and take responsibility for your ongoing care.

  3. Care is Coordinated
    We give support to help patients navigate many aspects of their care – from referral to specialists to the follow up of test results.

  4. Quality and Safety
    Quality and safety reflect how we aim to care for you. To meet this goal, we use different measures and processes to ensure we’re on track to keeping you well such as a yearly review of your care, making health care decisions based on what has worked well for patients with similar conditions, using standards to guide preventive and chronic condition  care, and our physicians are involved with continuous quality improvement.

  5. Enhanced Access
    Care is available through same day scheduling, walk-in care, and expanded after hours.

  6. Patient Representation
    Patient and Members input and feedback are represented at the Board level – 51% of our board members are also patients.  In addition, we contract with a survey company to obtain objective, real-time patient feedback so that patients’ voices are constantly heard, our represented and communicated to our providers and staff.