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Twenty-seven percent of children in Huntington Beach are overweight causing problems in our youth that were unthinkable 30 years ago. AltaMed has the resources and the passion to fight this epidemic in our community but is limited in the amount of patients it can accommodate. Our number one priority is reducing spiraling health care costs for patients and providers through health education and early prevention. We want you to share in our concern for the long-term health of our children. We ask that you learn more about the effects of childhood obesity and consider supporting AltaMed’s efforts to expand this outstanding program further in Huntington Beach. We look forward to building brighter futures for our children with you.

Sara Hansen, Chair, Keep the Promise Huntington Beach

Because more children in Huntington Beach are being diagnosed with illnesses that were previously not seen until adulthood, including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, AltaMed is committed to expanding its chronic disease management and intervention programs to more patients in Huntington Beach.

A pediatrician-directed, evidence-based health program to manage weight, well-being, nutrition and fitness, the mission of AltaMed’s Wellness Center is to empower children and parents in Orange County to P.L.A.Y. (Promote Lean Active Youth). AltaMed’s weight reduction program uses tools such as medical exams, exercise and nutritional education, encouraging participation from the entire family. That way, implementing a lifestyle change becomes a team effort.

Our success rate speaks for itself. Weight reduction goals are met by 83% of participants in the first 10 weeks and 72% upon graduation – after one year. Our program model works but expanding this resource is critical; both to the collective health and economic sustainability of the Huntington Beach community.

Contributions from private organizations and concerned individuals like you will help us expand our Childhood Obesity Program further in Huntington Beach and place more children on the path to good health.

For information on how you can support AltaMed’s Keep the Promise Childhood Obesity Program in Huntington Beach, please contact Michele Warner, Development Officer, at 714-916-1148 or Thank you!

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